Day 8: “Dreams”

Ever since my son left for Virginia, I have been having very weird, scary dreams. I have always had kind of off-putting unusual dreams, so in a way, this is nothing new. Except it is. These dreams are at the next level. I would wake up shaking, confused, not knowing where I was. These dreams always involved some sort of cheating, usually by me. And for reasons that I am unclear of, always involved my husband, ex-husband, and an assortment of other random guys. Like, WTH?!

I am sure there is some psychotherapist out there who would have a field day analyzing my dreams from the last week, I, however, do not have it in me. I almost felt like the leading lady on “Nightmare on Elm Street” who was afraid to close her eyes because Freddy Kruger would make an appearance.

Now if you remember, thankfully, my son called me yesterday. It was what I needed just at the right time. I needed to hear his voice to make sure he was okay.

Do you want to know what I dreamed about last night? Jeremy and Audrey Roloff from “Little People Big World.” We were celebrating Christmas, and Jeremey and Audrey were having a slight disagreement. I had to be the peacemaker.

You guys, I do not even watch that show so I have NO IDEA where this is coming from!

If I do not dream about kittens and puppies, or Brad Pitt and Adam Levine tonight, I just may need to throw in the towel…or have another shot of vodka.


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