The One That Could Be Perceived As A “Bad Omen.”

While taking complete advantage of the 70% Christmas sales today, I get a group text from Dad.

“So, are we all on board for the Jar idea?”

I am sure many of you have seen this floating around Social Media. The premise being, on January 1st – December 31st you have a jar. Over the course the year, you add your blessings to the jar. It could be a job promotion, it could be losing weight, good grades, anything that you feel thankful for. Then, on New Year’s Eve of 2019, you open up the jar and read all of your blessings from the year.

Pretty cool, right? I mean you guys know me, totally my kind of thing. So, since I was already in the store shopping the 70% off sales, I decided to snag a jar. I found an adorable vintage style glass jar that says “Home For The Holidays” across it, with a picturesque snowy scene and a family in a station wagon. It was perfect! I grabbed the jar that only cost me five bucks and threw it in my cart.

I finish up my shopping, then come home.

Being that I live on the second floor, I will do whatever it takes for me to only make one trip up the flight of stairs with groceries. Each arm had about six bags each on it. I made the haul up the flight of stairs, although it was not easy.

I open the door and lay all the bags down. The routine is in this household, we have the girls put away the groceries. The girls are putting away the groceries while anxiously looking for the snacks I also picked up for them.

Gracie finds the jar. She picks it up by the lid. “What is this?”

I am in the kitchen, and already know what is going to happen.

“Be careful, that is……”


She dropped the jar and shattered glass went everywhere. Seriously, Gracie herself was surrounded by different fragments of broken glass. We had to order her to STAY STILL while making sure the cats were out of any harms way. Glass was everywhere. She dropped it on the hardwood floors, and yet many pieces found their way to the carpet.

I start cleaning it up, Joe comes over in now “work mode” and starts giving directions, because apparently, I do not know how to sweep up glass.

It was a mess.

Joe has hold of the broom, he does about five rounds of sweeping, just about breaking a sweat. I mean I get it. Can you imagine one of us, or the kids or even the cats stepping on tiny pieces of shattered glass?

Finally, when everything is cleaned up. He looks at me. The kind of look where he is not sure where my mind was at when I made the purchase.

“So, what was that even for anyway?”

Feeling defeated, I look at him, I look at my trashcan that has remnants of what was supposed to be our “Blessing Jar” for the new year.

“Oh, well, we were going to write down and put all our blessings in it for 2019.”

He looks at me more confused than ever.

“It was Dads idea!”

Joe does not know whether to laugh or, pretend he does not hear me.

As do I.

Okay, 2019, we are ready for you but please for all that is Holy, do not let this be a bad omen.

(I will update this post in 365 days and let you know how it all turned out)





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