Behind the Scenes

I have so many stories just running throughout my head. I carry a journal with me everywhere. Just for the sole purpose to write down story ideas, and even more recently lyrics to songs I will never write because I do not know how to write music. I even take my journal to work. I take it out with me on the playground where I hang out with my friend Henry. It only took one time of Henry running into the local neighboorhood and me having to leave my journal behind while chasing him to make me rethink bringing my journal to work. These days I leave it in my car for when I get my much-needed breaks and the inspiration hits…or misses.

Some are my everyday work, kids, wife stories, some are fiction story ideas, and then some stories are what I believe to be real, we just need someone to bring it to life.

Years ago when one of my beloved cats passed, I wrote a story about Rainbow Bridge. The premise being,  Rainbow Bridge is getting ready for a new arrival. Lots of hustling and bustling goes on in Rainbow Bridge, making sure everything is just right for their new resident. What happens is, God, who is like crazy busy doing his thing with everyone else, assigns some very special pets, pets who have been in Rainbow Bridge for a while, as The Welcoming Committee. When my cat (well, one of many) passed, God put Rocky in charge of showing Sam the ropes and assigning him his own little cloud to watch over his earth family.

Rocky is Joe’s beloved pet that passed away about ten years ago. A former pet is always chosen to be the Welcoming Committee, and if there is no former pet, then Rainbow Bridge just chooses the next in line. Like the time my sister lost her beloved dog, Belle. Belle was her first pet so my Sam was now in charge of showing Belle the ropes, giving Belle her new cloud and just showing her the logistics of Rainbow Bridge with Rocky safely watching on.

Then I started thinking. What happens on the other side? Surely there is more going on behind the scenes, right? Things we have not even stopped to consider until it’s looking at us straight in the face. What happens to the abused, abandoned animals?

Well, I think I figured it out. Hear me out. So, God knows everything, however, we all have free will. Now, the bad people out there who are pretty mean to animals, well God will deal with them. Sometimes it may not seem like God watches over all animals, but he does. Let’s take TC for example.

TC is an adorable, playful ten-week-old kitten who found himself abandoned in Montgomery, Texas. Specifically in The Parents yard. Now, God knew that The Parents were praying for guidance on if it would be a good idea to add another pet to their household. God knows this because in The Book Of Prayers, under “The Parents” he sees that every night a prayer has come in. God being God, he kinda has his hands full. However, he knew this would be an easy one for him. Not without its glitches, but you know, that’s where faith comes in to play.

As God was looking through The Book Of Prayers, something clicked with him. “Hmmm. John, can you bring me The Book Of Animals? I may be on to something here.” So John, the devoted guy he is, brought God The Book Of Animals. Immediately, God flipped to the section of Montgomery, Texas and looked up The Parents address. “Just as I suspected! John, I need you to head on over to Rainbow Bridge and let them know that tomorrow’s newcomer, well, I have other plans for him.”

John, as devoted as ever, heads over to Rainbow Bridge and lets Blink (my beloved cat who passed not even a year ago) know. “Change of plans, he is up to something again. Looks like you have some time off!” Back in Heaven, God works his magic, puts a few things in place.

Talking to no one in particular, God mutters to himself “Alright. Everyone knows I answer prayer in three ways. With a hard “yes” a hard “no” or a “wait and see.” I really cannot be any more clear.”

God then closes both The Book Of Prayers and The Book Of Animals, but not before he made some notes in the margin.

Meanwhile, in Montgomery, Texas. The Parents are getting attached to this new little kitten that somehow just showed up in their yard. Imagine that! Making sure to spend equal time with the new kitten who is safely in the garage and resident cat Owen who, how shall I say this nicely, is not your normal cat, The Parents seem more conflicted than ever. The Parents do not want Owen to feel neglected or replaced, yet they want to do everything they can to make sure this new kitten, who they now call TC is as safe and happy as can be.

God having some free time, even though “time” is not really a thing in Heaven, decided to check in on The Parents. God is sitting there at his desk (the whole throne thing is a big misconception) while looking down. The Parents are in the garage playing with TC and Owen is sleeping in the closet. Something that is not out of the norm for him. John happens to come in and sees the look on God’s face. “Does this look have anything to do with what’s going on at the Borders?” God, taking a small sip of wine “No, Montgomery, Texas, the kitten.” John pulls up a chair and watches along. “This reminds me, how are Tony and Helen doing? I have not seen them in some time. Well, earth time that is.” God does a little half laugh. “I have Helen watching over Jennifer…again. She is probably up for a promotion right about now.” John, nodding in agreement. “I am thinking Saint?” Without saying a word, God agrees.

Back in Montgomery, Texas. The Parents take TC to the vet. It is worse than expected. It looks that even at ten weeks old, little TC was hurt pretty badly by whoever had him last. His back leg needs to be amputated. The Parents are crushed. As if they were not conflicted before, even more so now. Of course, they will take care of TC, and fix him up. The Parents want TC to be happy and loved. As he already has their heart. Yet, so does Owen. Right now, they are just playing the waiting game. They are waiting for TC’s surgery in early January, they are waiting to see if Owen will adapt to TC they are just waiting and praying.

“Well, Hello Helen. Nice to see you. I would ask how are things, but I already know you have everything under control.”

“How is my Donny doing? I spoke to John. He tells me…”

God, trying to hold back a laugh. “Relax. I have it covered. I am just waiting for, you know how it goes the Faith to kick in.”





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