*This post was supposed to be posted last night, but as usual, life and all that.

Tonight’s post was supposed to be “Day 4” of my 30-day writing challenge. The prompt being “10 interesting facts about yourself.”

Well, I got number one knocked out and then I drew a blank. I mean I think I am an interesting person, but writing “ten interesting facts about myself” does not seem all that interesting. So, I am just going to move on. You’re welcome.

I was talking to dad on the phone yesterday about his blog Cobblestone Dreams. My dad and his brother (my Uncle) have had this blog over a year now. The blog follows their childhood growing up in New York City. It’s definitely a blog worth reading and to take it a step further, I could even see a show based off of their blog. Do you guys remember the show The Wonder Years?  A coming of age comedy set in the 1960s. That too was a great show, and I can see Cobblestone Dreams (the show) much like that. Naturally, I would have to play a part. Oh! I could play the part of my grandmother, their mom. How cool would that be? Okay, some seriously needs to pick this up. This would be my shining moment, my welcoming to the Big Screen. Look out Oscar’s here I come!

Okay…..where was I?

Every Monday, depending on whose turn it is, either my dad or uncle writes a post. My dad is up this week and was struggling to find a topic because in his words “We have covered so much.” I told him that their blog is going to be a legacy for the Ortolano family. Even if they never reach the numbers of readers that we all set out to reach when we start a blog, Cobblestone Dreams has found a permanent home on the Internet. Many years from now Cobblestone Dreams will still be alive in its own little corner of the Internet and one day, maybe Gracie’s own daughter will come across it. What a gift that will be. So, basically I do not care if Dad cannot think of a topic to write about, he better figure it out for the family legacy! (and my Oscar)

Which brings me back to my own corner of the Internet. I have had this blog for years now. Some of you have been here from the start, some of you are newcomers. Either way, what I learned tonight from talking to Dad is I love writing. I love writing this blog. No matter where my other writings may or may not take me, no matter if I have something to write about or not, I need to keep at it. I need to keep at it so my own kids and possibly their children have a quiet place to come find me and my stories of years gone by.

We are about two weeks out from Christmas 2018. I cannot believe how fast time is passing us all by. I am already doing preparations for Halloween 2019. Seriously. It is Monday night and I made it to the Fantasy Football playoffs. I am banking on Tyler Lockett to do what he does best and get me some points. However, it is not looking too good. If he does not make the points, then I do not move forward.

I am going to have all my kids home for Christmas, as my oldest has moved back home, and in the process, we kinda got a bonus son too. Life is good, life is hard, but watching the news is a cold reality of how much harder it could be.

My brother-in-law and I finalized our Christmas Eve plans. If we were to leave it to Joe and his sister, nothing would get done. They would both agree with this. Christmas Eve will be spent together, Christmas day we will do our own thing, and do not worry, I will not be cooking.

As always, time is getting away from me. I have to wrap things up, make sure the girls are in bed, as well as myself for our early morning wake-up call for school and work. Time is also getting away from me in the sense that we are only two weeks out from Christmas and there is still so much to do. So much to plan. I do not know how your mind works, but here is a quick snippet of mine.

  • Get through these last two weeks and then Christmas break starts.
  • School starts back January 7th.
  • Once we hit January I have Vinnie’s bday.
  • Then Sofia’s.
  • The Gracie’s.
  • We are now in March.
  • Spring break.
  • The finish line is in sight.
  • Summer vacation.
  • Summer went by in a flash.
  • Here comes the 2019-20020 school year.

Where the hell does the time go?

Everybody’s moving at the pace of lighting
Sometimes we need to bring it back down and just start watching.
Take it all in instead of worrying about social media capturing.
And remember these days, these good old days of living.

The smiles and laughter,
the fights and forgiveness after,
The dreams and hardships, that will be part of your chapter.
at the end of your nights, when you’re in bed,
alarm clock set for all of tomorrow’s forgets
you tell yourself that indeed, it all mattered

You look in the mirror and see the beginnings of the fine lines.
It’s settling in, making a home in the corner of your left eye.
With your little girl looking on
anticipation wondering if there’s anything wrong

this is a moment that never lasts long
don’t let her be blind side.

Honey let me tell you, it wasn’t always this way.
I remember not too long ago when I was just your same age.
Life comes and moves you swiftly, you quickly lose track of time
before you know you it you wake up to see you have earned those fine lines

So listen closely as I tell you, make time to stop and see,
appreciate the good times and those that may not be

It’s not always where you’re going
but how you get there, that is the guarantee
 of a life well spent,
a life well loved,
take it all in, while taking your time
finding your mountains while learning to climb
everyone is moving at the pace of lighting.











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