Day 2 of 30

Day 2: Your earliest memory.

I have an amazing memory. I can remember the exact layout of my grandparent’s apartment from when I was a little girl. I can remember the wallpaper in the bathroom of my Aunt’s apartment. I remember faces, I remember clothing, I remember how people made me feel. I remember the animals at the circus. I remember the music that was playing in the car when there was a fire on the side of the road. I remember it all. In fact, a few weeks ago Dad called me. “Jen I have a question, and I know you have a good memory.” I mean at times I kinda impress myself by how good my memory is. Although as a disclaimer, there is a handful of things I have chosen to block out.

When I read today’s prompt. It was a no-brainer for me.

I was young. Just a baby. I am guessing one year old, two at the most. I was in my highchair. I was wearing a dress. White with maybe a red collar, or red design on the dress. Someone was feeding me baby food. Somehow I fell out of my highchair. The highchair fell on the side with me strapped in. I have no idea exactly how I fell or who it was that scooped me up, but I fell. Apparently, it was pretty serious. Or, serious for such a young child. The side of my left eye was cut. I did not need stitches, but to this day, I still have the scar in the corner of my left eye. It’s not noticeable unless you know what you are looking for, but it is there. When I smile, if you look close enough at the scar, you will see a younger me, in the highchair, many years ago. A lifetime ago. And if you look even closer, you will see me, present me, going to reach for younger me, picking myself up, and telling myself “You’ll be okay, one day when you have your own family, this will make for a great story.”

And, that it did.

30 day writing challenge

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