May the Best Team Win…

The Bet:  Jennifer and Christin share a sixteen-year friendship. Over the years they have shared it all. All, except for one very important thing. Their favorite football team.

Jennifer, a lifelong NEW YORK GIANTS fan. Born in Queens, NY. On any given Sunday, you would find her father rooting the GIANTS on, or perhaps cursing at the t.v. That would all depend on how well they were playing.

Christin, a SEATTLE SEAHAWKS fan. In her early twenties, Christin came into her own. It was also at this time where she took on THE HAWKS as her one and only team.

It’s been a few years since the GIANTS and HAWKS met up. All will change this Sunday.

And…..just like any good game, comes an exceptionally good wager. Jennifer, having faith in her underdog team, Christin, believing that her team is where they need to be. It all comes to head this Sunday.

The Wager: Jen and Christin will be putting everything on the line. Their dignity, self-respect, and even egos will be sacrificed on Sunday. The losing team will have to provide a video of themselves, professing their love and admiration for the winning team. Said video will then be uploaded to the blog for all to see. Stay tuned for the debauchery that is about to bestow you, may the best team win.

Christin: Let’s look at the facts… Giants have won how many games this season? 1. That’s right folks, 1 game, a fluke some might say. To say that the Giants have a chance against the Seahawks is like saying the 49ers have a chance at going to the Superbowl this year. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

We have one of the best Quarterbacks in the NFL. Russell Wilson. That says it all. We have one of the best defenses in the NFL. Enter Legion of Boom. Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman. If you don’t know about these guys, look em’ up. They are beasts.

It doesn’t even matter that O’dell Beckham is out for the rest of the season. Nope. The truth of the matter is, we are stronger, faster and we play harder.

Tune in on Sunday for the game. My prediction for the score is 42-6, Seahawks, of course. Sorry, Jen. I’m not sure another loss for YOUR team will even matter at this point. Go Hawks!

Jennifer: I am coming at this from a different perspective than Christin. Christin is giving you the facts as they appear on paper. I am giving you heart, emotion, perhaps even what some may call a fairytale. I am giving you the Eye of the Tiger.

When the GIANTS played the Broncos last week, missing their number one wide receiver Odell Beckham, team morale was down. The GIANTS had not yet won a game, and with two of their main guys out, they were certainly the underdog.

No one saw it coming, most of all the fans of both the GIANTS and Broncos, yet, the GIANTS got their win. Their first win of the season, but a win none the less. What changed for them? Did they get a good talking to from their coach? From their quarterback? Who knows.

My theory is my guys wanted to prove to themselves that they could pull off a win without their number one guy. It was not about the NFL, it was not even about the fans. They had to show themselves that they have in them to win…..and they did. This is why I believe, although it will not be easy, they will give us another win against the HAWKS……and this time, not only will it be for them, but this win will also be for their die-hard fans who have stuck with them.

I know they have it in them. I know they can do this, especially in their own house. They will pull off a win for all of the new little girls who may be sitting at home watching the game with their family member, just like I did many years ago. They will pull off a win because, at this point in the game, there is no other option.




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