Only the Good Die Young (Part 5)

New plan!

An opportunity presented itself to Christin that was too good to pass up. A friend of hers was selling a beater car for an exceptional price. Between Christin, Alphonso and myself we had no car. We made it work, however if one of us actually had a car, well, life would be easier.

Christin and I postponed our move for another two weeks so  she could take advantage of this opportunity and buy a car. I mean really, in the grand scheme of things, what is another two weeks?

Friday night. Alphonso and I did not get off until 7pm. Christin was off running errands, being that she was the only one of us who worked a normal 7-4 work schedule. Alphonso and I would make the 10 minute walk from work to Vinnie’s daycare, then the two-minute walk from the daycare to our apartment. Christin would then meet up with us later, while we figured out dinner plans.

This was the week Alphonso was on his Vegan phase, Christin was still doing low carb, and my diet consisted of coffee and chocolate. Dinner plans should be interesting.

Vinnie was content drinking his bottle, sleep  just around the corner,  while Alphonso was trying a new makeup look on me, Coldplay’s “Yellow” filled the room with a peaceful contentment.

And then, just like that, the contentment changed to panic.

Christin comes barreling through the front door. Screaming, crying, shaking., disheveled.

“Call the police! Call the police!”

In unison, Alphonso and I did what we do best. Worked together as a team.

Alphonso grabbed a somewhat sleeping Vinnie and took him safely to the bedroom. I rushed out of my chair and went to Christin.

“What’s happening, what’s wrong?!?!”

“Jen, call the police, call the police, I need the police! Now…do something….I need the police!”

Alphonso comes from the bedroom.

“What the fuck happened?”

“Call the police!”

I guided Christin to the sofa, Alphonso grabs the phone.

“Christin, talk to me, what happened? Alphonso, get her something to drink.”

“An alcoholic beverage or what?”

“A goddamn glass of water!”

“Christin, talk to us!”

“It was bad, I need the police, we have to call the police.”

“Alphonso call the police!”

He immediately dials 911.

“We need police assistance, my roommate just came home. She is not herself, we do not know what happened, she is crying, asking us to call the police……………Jen, what’s our address?”

“Are you kidding me right now?! Look at the mail that’s on the counter…….Christin, the police are coming, what happened, talk to us, what do we need to do?”

In about twenty minutes, we would have our answers.


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