Fantasy vs Reality

I had big plans for my two weeks off in between quarters. I was going to ….

• Start my spring cleaning

• Rearrange living room

• Redecorate the house

• Spend some much needed to time pampering myself (eyebrow wax, a facial)

• Clean out the kids’ rooms of clutter

• Go to sleep late

• Sleep in

• Enjoy not having to do homework

• Get some writing done on the blog

Now it may not seem like important stuff to you, but I was looking forward to getting my house, my brows and my life in order. Until I got sick along with the kids…so this is what really happened on my “Spring Break”…

• Doctor’s appointments

• Several trips to the pharmacy

• An allergic reaction or two to antibiotics

• Pain and suffering

• Drinking gallons of water each day

• Lying in bed, watching reruns of “Breaking Bad”

• Countless hours of wishing the bed would swallow me whole

So now that my “Spring Break” is almost over, we are all feeling better. I can almost function like a normal human again. Let’s just be honest…all the stuff I needed to get done will still be there for me to do on summer break, well, except my eyebrows.


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