Gypsy : The Vodka Calling Road Trip

And there it was. A little, white, run down house with a small flashing sign that read “psychic.”

“C’mon, let’s just go, it will be fine.”

“What?! I am not going in there, have you lost your mind?”

Well technically, yes I had. I was on a road trip driving 1,000 miles to see the first love that I hadn’t seen in 15 years. What do you think?

“We can go to that little bar after, and I will buy you some drinks—but you HAVE to come with me…Pleassse!”

Jen knew she was in a losing battle on this one. I could bring up the many times she dragged me into crazy situations. Now it was her turn. We walked in the dimly lit house. The overwhelming smell of patchouli hit my senses hard and quick. There were lit candles everywhere along with pictures of weird animal-like shapes. We continued walking until we reached a gold beaded curtain that led into another, much smaller room.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea Jen.” I whispered.

She gave me the “I told you so” look that I have seen at least a hundred times.

“Let’s get out here then!” She whispered back to me while digging her phone out of her purse.

“What are you taking your phone out for?”

“In case I have to dial 911 for help!”

Oh boy. Maybe this was a bad idea. We could die here and nobody would ever find our bodies. Once we entered into the other room an older lady dressed as what I can only describe as half hippie and half “genie in a bottle” like. She smiled and invited both Jen and I to have a seat. I looked over at Jen as she peered back at me with a death stare.

“Hi my name is Gypsy, what can I do for you ladies?”

“Well, umm, we are not really sure. We were just passing through and stopped on a whim. What is it that you do exactly?”

“I can tell the future. I use tarot cards, palm reading and my intuition to tell people what’s in store for them. I prescribe to a belief called Wiccan”

I took a deep breath and another glimpse over at Jen. She wasn’t sold on this one but I knew if I got her this far, she would go through with it.

“Okay…well, I guess I would like to do a tarot card reading”

“Could you have a seat out there please?” She pointed to another room while looking at Jen. You didn’t have to tell her twice. Jen grabbed up her purse and practically jogged out of the room.

“Okay, what is your name?”


“What questions do you have for me?”

Damn, I hadn’t really thought this through.

“Umm, ok-k, so I am currently trying to get in touch with an ex for one last conversation or closure—whatever you want to call it. I’ve been trying to get him out of my thoughts for years now… Is this a good idea or do I just need to let it go?”

“Close your eyes and concentrate on your ex and the questions that you have. Feel the energy flow through you from your head to your toes while breathing in and out slowly.”

I felt a tickle on the top of my hands which bolted me from my concentration. Gypsy had placed something on top of my hands but I was scared to peek, so I squeezed them tighter, hoping it wasn’t pig blood or something crazy like that. I heard her shuffling her cards while I continued to concentrate on the question with my eyes closed but also mapping out an escape route, if need be.

“Open your eyes, Christin”

I slowly opened one eye, then the other.

“I sensed you needed your energy cleansed, so I placed my crystals on your hands to help with the negative energy that surrounds you”

The only negative energy I would dealing with was that of my soon to be ex-friend Jen, if we didn’t get out of here soon…and alive. Gypsy then places 4 cards on the table. The look of worry and concern flashed across her face for just a moment.

“What is it? Is it bad??”

“Just a moment?”

The suspense was killing me. A moment felt like a year. Was it so bad that she couldn’t tell me?

“Okay, this card here” she said, pointing at the Seven of swords, card, “means that there is the potential of bad feelings and maybe a feeling of being cheated. There is a failure of a plan because of the wrong motive.”

This was not looking good. I should’ve listened to Jen. And if she is voice of reason, I really must be crazy.

“This card is the Six of Swords, it means a difficult choice could need to be made that may involve great changes”

Well, could you be more specific? I’m an indecisive person, choosing what flavor of coffee I want could fall into this category. Of course, I didn’t say that. But maybe she read my mind because she looked up at me with an “all-knowing” look.

“The five of Pentacles mean that differences arise that could divide lovers. Periods of deep loneliness could occur”

Great. Just when I thought the news couldn’t get any better, she explained to me the last cards meaning.

“Knight of Swords means that you should be careful in sharing your views. Unexpected misfortune could be near”

“What does all of that mean exactly?”

“Christin, you need to be careful about your future actions when it comes to your ex. Things aren’t always as they seem. I’ m not telling you what to do or not to do but your cards indicate that you need to be cautious.”

“OK” She took the crystals off my hands.

“Thank-you” I said while grabbing my purse.

I stood up and walked out to where Jen was.

“Your turn” I said with a touch of sarcasm. She returned the favor with a nasty look as she went through the curtain. I sat down, reflecting on what Gypsy just told me. All I know for sure is that I need a Long island iced tea to forget this ever happened.

I pulled out my phone. I had a new text message.

It was Freddie.



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