PTSD : Post Traumatic Stress Disorder .

A guest post from my Dad. This is one of the most important post I have ever  posted.



A quiet, potentially lethal disorder that pursues , and in many cases overtakes those who have been through serious trauma .

Mostly known for its devastating effects on people who have witnessed the horrors of combat, this disorder has many more far-reaching tentacles. Police, Fireman, first responders can be hit hard by this evil stalker. People who suffered abuse as a child, rape victims and burn victims can also feel the deadly claws of PTSD.

Relatively speaking, until only recently has this killer been recognized for what it is. In the past, especially with our Military, Warriors were basically told to “suck it up” and to “deal with it”. It was viewed as being weak if the effects took their toll on you.
Thankfully, this is changing, but still…. All too slowly.

About 22 of our veterans, Americas best, commit suicide everyday. For all intents and purposes our “media” says nothing of it. I guess those veterans don’t sell enough print or air space as the other things the media “reports.”

Did you hear me? 22 A DAY. That is unacceptable. This must no go on…
Technically speaking PTSD is a clinically diagnosed condition listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the recognized authority on mental illness diagnoses.

Common symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder include reliving a traumatic event through nightmares, flashbacks, or constantly thinking about it. One might avoid situations or people who remind them of the event, have only negative thoughts or emotions, and constantly feel jittery, nervous, or “on edge. Symptoms that continue for more than one month, are severe, and interfere with daily functioning are characteristic of PTSD.

Behaviors that indicate help is needed can include drinking or smoking more than usual in an attempt to reduce anxiety or anger. Service members who have experienced combat can be especially nervous driving under overpasses and past litter on the roadside — behavior learned in Iraq and Afghanistan where insurgents hide improvised explosive devices in garbage and use overpasses to shoot at vehicles.

If you love someone with the Symptoms of PTSD, please seek counsel. There are certain things you simply do not want to say or ask of your loved one. If you are experiencing the vicious attacks of PTSD, please know you are not alone. Many are prepared and willing to stand with you.

Some have utilized Service Dogs to help them through this. I have the honor of knowing one such hero Ken Meyer who has been helped tremendously by his beautiful Service Dog, “Hope”. She is a blessing from God .

I also have the honor of being part of a project by Reflective Live Ministries that Will raise awareness of PTSD

Reflective Life Ministries has come together with The Mighty Oaks Foundation and many others to produce a movie titled “STRONGER.”

In addition to raising awareness, this film points to the hope all have that can only be found in Jesus.

I play one of the characters in the film and I encourage you to visit the web site and check it out. You will not regret it.


Again, 22 veterans a day committing suicide is not acceptable. It is a national disgrace. Help is there, you and I simply need to be aware and point those fighting this life and death battle to the hope that exists.

For God and Country.

Thanks for listening.

Don Ortolano


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