Adventures of Apt B-303 The Pawn


7 Hours Before the meet-up at Denny’s

I was in the middle of my shift. Working the freight in the infant department. A fellow co-worker and very good  friend, was also working with me, Red. Red and I had a pretty good history together. We were friends long before T came into the picture. Red was a pivotal part in helping me escape from my ex. And, as it goes, he would be a pivotal part in my future.

T was also at the store. Not working, but keeping an eye on me. Making sure I was not talking to Red. Red knew if he talked to me, I would get it later that night. Red hated the way T treated me, but he knew there was a line that could not be crossed at my expense.

Before I knew what was happening, I saw The Ex walking down the aisle towards me. I froze. I gasped. Where was the baby? My baby?

T and Red magically appeared, each by my side.

“That’s The Ex, there is no baby.”

T informed me that he was going to go hide behind the diaper wall, just in case he had his moment to kick his ass, and Red informed me that he was going to stay by my side as a witness to anything.

For once, these two agreed on something.

The Ex approached me, all three hundred pounds of him, with evil lurking in his eyes.

“I need money”

I should have known.

“Where is Vinnie?”

“Give me money, and I will let you see him.”

I pulled my wallet out of my bright blue Walmart vest, knelt on the floor and went through every secret compartment I had. I took out the only cash I had on hand. Ten dollars.

“This is all I have.”

“That’s not enough.”

I hated this person. If it were not for the fact that I had no idea where the baby was, I would have killed him with my own bare hands right there in the middle of the infant department at Walmart.

“Let me see him and I will get you more.”

It is very hard to sound strong, when all I wanted to do was fall apart.

Red was angry. You could see it in his eyes.

“You need to leave the store now, or I am calling the police.”

The Ex left, but not before telling me

“Meet me at the Denny’s up the road, be there at 6:00 with money, and I will have the baby.”

Seven Hours Later..

Check Mate.


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