Adventures of Apt. B-303 “Changes”


After the initial meeting in the living room, T became a permanent fixture in the apartment.

My first impression of him was that he was young and slightly immature. On the other hand, he was fun and always ready for an adventure. One day shortly after meeting T, Jen summoned a meeting with Alphonso and me. She looked nervous which made me nervous. “So, would it be ok if T moved in?” Alphonso and I looked at each other. We decided to vote. Alphonso and I voted T in. We were back to a foursome.

A few days after moving in, T came and asked me if I could take him to his old place to get some stuff. I obliged. T and I took a 20 minute drive to his old house. We went in and I sat on the couch thinking he would just grab some stuff and we would be on our way back. All of a sudden I hear the shower going. I sat there for about 20 minutes and then he came out wearing a towel only. I was slightly uncomfortable and embarrassed at the same time. I tried to play it off like nothing, but my intuition was telling me to get out of there. We left shortly after but I never did tell Jen. I knew this guy made her happy and that was something that I hadn’t seen before.

Life went on with the four of us. T was always the life of the party these days. He always had to have his Samoan music blaring in the apartment. Jen, Alphonso and I frequented the bars a little less because T wasn’t quite 21 yet. We had get-togethers in the apartment with Scotty in attendance. Scotty and T got along good, too. Things were good for the first month or two, until changes began to happen.

I began to see subtle changes in the way Jen would dress or the way she would act. She began to wear long sweaters which I had never seen her wear before. She began to isolate herself more often from Alphonso and me. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. But something wasn’t right. One thing I did know, was that T was very protective of Jen. I have to admit, I was envious of that aspect of their relationship. He was overprotective and made sure everyone knew that that was his woman. I think she liked that about him too.

I can’t remember if it was one specific thing or many occurrences put together, but something led me to talk to Alphonso about the changes in Jen. We both agreed that maybe it was time to take her to the side and have a real heart to heart talk. There was only one problem. T was there all the time. They were together all the time. So now we would have to figure out when and where we could get her alone.

Alphonso and I knew there would be a time, but we just had to wait patiently until we had our chance.

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