Guilty! (but not really, this really was not my fault)

I really think I am messing my kids up. To the point where I need to put a pay pal account up for their future therapy.

I am not exactly sure how this happened, but somehow my 10 and 8 year old daughters believe that once you become an adult, you will no longer have to pee or poop.

Yeah. I seriously have no idea where they come up with this.

10 yr old~ Mom, when do you stop using the bathroom?

Me~ Umm, what?

10 year old~ When do you stop going pee and poop?

8 yr old~ When you are a grown up.

Me~ Okay….what?!?!?!

10 yr old~ Okay so what age?

8 yr old~ When you get older, just a little bit older, when you are done being a teenager. That is when you do not pee or poop anymore. Grown up people do not pee or poop. I know this because I am so very smart.

Me~ WHAT??????

10 year old~ Okay good. I can’t wait.

Me~ Can’t wait for what?

10 year old~ Pay attention Mom, I cannot wait to not pee or poop.

8 yr old~ Me too!!!

Me~ Ummm, who told you guys this?

Both girls in unison~ YOU DID MOM, DUH!!!

Me~ What?????!!!!????!!!

10 year old~ When you bought me that gross book about pads and tampons and underwear, and the stupid body changing, you told us no more pee or poop.

Me~ No, no I did not! What? When? What did I say?

10 year old~ You said when we have to use the pad or the other thing we will not have to pee or poop.

Me~ Okay……I think maybe you misunderstood.

I told you I am messing them up! I am not even sure how this happened. I put so much thought and care, and sensitivity into buying the American Girl book that explains the body changing and all that good stuff. I was actually quite proud how I handled the whole puberty thing.

And now? Now it looks like I somehow convinced my daughters that after you are a teenager you no loner have to pee or poop??

So yeah. I will be accepting donations for their much needed therapy that will most likely happen in the very near future.
This was another writing prompt from the infamous Mama Kat

7 thoughts on “Guilty! (but not really, this really was not my fault)

  1. Oh man, that is so funny. I’ve an 11 year old who is very talented at taking what I say literally, adding her own twist, and coming out the other end wiser.

  2. I love this! I guess that it’s just another lesson to us that we all interpret things differently. It’s a shame that they aren’t right because this aging bladder of mine doesn’t like me very much

    Visiting from Mama Kat 🙂

  3. Funny story! Kids are amazingly resilient, it will take a lot more than that to mess them up!

  4. Love this. I wish we could stop pooping and peeing when we grow up. (or mostly the girl stuff you know like BLEEDING. why it gets worse when we are older.ugh) At least your is easy to tell them about my son decided that it would be a good idea to keep feeding the dogs his poopy diapers. So yeah thats gross.

    1. LOL! I just read your post and tried to comment, but I seriously do not know what I am doing. My link would not go through. ANYWAY…..I was trying to say I can relate to those days, with the exception of the dog. We have cats, and my girls always thought the liter box was the sand box.

  5. Technically you may have just saved them from a potentially embarrassing moment with friends later on in life.They should be thanking you. Sort of.

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