Jacqueline Laurita just really annoys me.

I have not written a public blog in quite some time. I have also never written about my reality t.v. shows. Quite honestly, you read one blog, you have read them all. However, that is about to change.

Jacqueline Laurita from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, just needs to go away. She needs to get off t.v, concentrate on her son who is autistic, put the blasted wine down, and for all that is holy stay off Twitter when drinking said wine.

When we were first introduced to Jacqueline about 6 seasons ago, she had the potential to be the most liked Housewife in the entire franchise. She was cute, fun, her story line in season 1 was one that many of us could relate to (miscarriages/trying to conceive.) She was actually enjoyable for a hot second.

Then, before we knew it, her obsession with wine and Twitter took over, and well….here we are. Last season Jacqueline decided not to return to the Housewives. Of course that most likely means Bravo did not ask her back. Her Twitter feed at the time was filled with how happy she is to be out of reality t.v, and how she has so many exciting things in the works, blah blah blah.

Well….as Eminem would say, Guess whose back?! Not only did she return to do a few fake scenes this season, she has also signed on to return next season. Why? Anyone who knows the history of the Manzos/Lauritas knows there is some family feud going on. At this point I am not even sure anyone cares about said family feud. Am I right?

I feel like Jacqueline is trying to do a Melissa/Teresa feud story line part 2. and because of that, it does not look like Dina will be returning next season.

Dina…..love her or hate her, you cannot deny the fact that she despises the drama. She is not one to take to Twitter while drunk on Pinot Grigio and post Tweet after Tweet about ridiculous random crap. That is Jacquelines job. Now, it seems as if Jacqueline has something to prove. “Oh yeah Dina, I will show you, I will come back to the show!”


The funniest part. Just the other night, Jacqueline (while drunk on Twitter of course) told Andy “My husband just favorited my Tweet so you know it is true.” Okay, really???

First of all, just because someone, and in Jacquelines case her freakin husband “favorited” her Tweet, that does not make it gospel.

Secondly, I am sure it was Jacqueline just using her husbands phone.

Thirdly, no one cares. If a bunch of grown adults cannot work out their family issues privately, then why should we be invested?? Does she know how crazy she looks? Why is she even coming back? Does she have something to prove? Can anyone shed any insight on this??

Jacqueline, there is help out there if you need it. Take a break from t.v. concentrate on your son, your husband, your other children. Arent you guys suppose to be “downsizing”?

But, most importantly…..step aside and allow your husband and his sister to work out whatever it is they need to work out and keep it off Twitter. One day your boys will be able to read it all, is this the way you want them to see you?

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