This is what happenes when I am bored and sober.

The other night, I played the funniest practical joke on my sister, brother and two sons. Lucky for you guys I have the text to prove it.

Quick back story. I recently read Buzz Feed where some comedian who I had never heard of asked his Twitter followers to send a text to their parents and then to re-tweet their reply.

The text was ~ “I just scored two grams for 40”

immediately followed by “Sorry, wrong person”

I could not stop laughing. Some of the replies from the parents were amazing!

So, of course I just had to try it myself….except I did not text my parents…I wanted to do my siblings and kids instead. Sooooo here we go.

This is my sister.

I was laughing so hard I had a few typos in that last text.

next up….my 19 yr old son.

next up….my 12 yr old son…

Sadly there is nothing to show. Want to know why? because as soon as I sent the text, I  hear him falling over in his room, in such a hurry to come rat me out.

“Dad, Mom is doing drugs, look at what she texted me”

Sorry to burst his little bubble but my husband was in on it too.


And finally, my brother…

I am going to ignore the extremely long time it took my brother to respond.

However, there is no fooling him……yet.

I had so much fun doing this, and believe it or not, vodka was not even involved.

2 thoughts on “This is what happenes when I am bored and sober.

  1. SUCH A BUMMER! I can only imagine the responses… it's so sad I can't see the texts! Please, PLEASE! tell us what they said!

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