An open letter to the NY Giants

Dear NY Giants,

First let me start off by saying that I am your biggest fan (and not in the Kathy Bates kind of way a’la “Misery”). The fact that I am still a fan after yesterdays performance should tell you something, because guys, you may have lost a fan or two. Not permanently, just for the next game or so, but still, as you very well know, a loss is a loss.

Now with all PC stuff out of the way, I just have a few words.

 Dude, Seriously?!?!?!?!?!?! What the heck happened out there?

There was no way you guys should have lost this game, no way…and yet you did. You have to realize that your fans are counting you, your fans wake up every Sunday (or Monday, depending on if you have a night game) looking forward to you guys winning. For some of your fans, you guys are all they have. Of course we know you cannot win ever-single-game, however, we do expect a win when you dominate the first three quarters.

 You guys were hitting The Dog Killer (Vick) constantly, shutting down those wide receivers, the ONLY thing Eli did wrong was the interception. Eagles were playing probably the worst game of their life, and I was loving it.

GIANTS, you had a 21 point lead in the 4th. Why why why why why????????

Dodge, really? Kicking it to DeSchmuck Jackson? Did you want the Eagles to win? You not only owe your team, but your fans some type of explanation……or better yet a freakin apology.

Now you guys have only made things harder for yourselves. You have to win the next two games, have to! Green Bay Packers are coming in off a loss, they are probably going to be thinking “Oh Giants, now that’s an easy win”. Do you want to be known as “the easy win team”? I should hope not!

Following the Green Bay game you guys play the Redskins, “ahem” they should be an “easy win” but I never know with you guys anymore and I just don’t like it.

Get yourselves together, regroup, get out there and show everyone why it is we love Big Blue, because if not, then the Jets are looking pretty good.

And now, I need Vodka.


4 thoughts on “An open letter to the NY Giants

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