So we are getting evicted…

What better way to bring my blog back to life than to talk about my eviction. Actually, I plan to write about my “Getting evicted and finding a new place to live” journey because I assume, once the dust settles down, and we are where we should be, it will be fun to go back and read the posts about the eviction just to see how crazy I was.

To make a long story short, my stupid apartment management people are evicting us because they say we have too many cats. We probably to, but that is not really the point right now.

Here are the facts.

1. Husband, kids, cats and I have been here TEN FREAKIN YEARS. Without any issues. TEN YEARS. Never a complaint, never late on rent. Nothing. TEN YEARS. We have always had a good relationship with management.

2. No one has once said anything about my cats. Nothing.

3. Our apartment is outdated. Very out dated. The paint in our kitchen and bathroom sink is peeling. We have what looks like mold on our ceiling in the master bedroom. We have been told to “just use bleach.” Whatever.

Feb. 28, 2015 we got the notice to either get rid of our cats, or we will be evicted. Important to note, there is a lovely pit bull who lives a few doors down. Great dog, well-behaved, but lets just say one of him probably equals out to the weight of all my cats.

I know some will disagree. My husband and I feel these cats are our children, they are part of our family. My kids have never known “life” without these guys. We are not getting rid of them and will be finding a new place to live….in 10 days.

So, yeah, the whole 10 day thing sucks, but what is the alternative, to leave out cats? Not going to happen.

I spent today searching online for an affordable house. Sent out a few emails. Hopefully tomorrow, I will hear something. Both my husband and I feel we are kinda fighting an uphill battle. We are. We so totally are. I believe in God, and although it is hard, I am having faith that there is something better out there for us that I just do not see right now.

If you believe in prayer, then we can use them. If you believe in “Kitty Wishes” we can use them too. Whatever you got, we can use.

I will most likely be blogging everyday, because it is not like I do not have enough going on.

One last important thing I would like to mention. These are cats! It is not like I want to keep a meth lab running. They are sweet innocent kitties.

Okay, time for a drink.

Vodka is Calling.