A post about nothing….

It’s been a busy week. Christin and I are working non stop, trying to get these final edits complete. Not always easy an easy process when we still have our respective families to tend to. We are doing it though. Of course we look like hell from all the late nights. Something that our children feel the need to point out to us daily.

Part of the editing process is taking advantage of Beta Readers. Beata Readers help writers out, give them their opinions, help with grammar, punctuation, make sure the story flows. Usually Beta Readers are used in-between different edits, before the final edit goes off to the Big Guys. Yesterday, Christin and I produced three options for a Prologue. Option four would be no Prologue. We presented these options to a group of Beta Readers. One schmuck had this to say. “I do not understand memoirs. If you have not led a full life then you should not write a memoir.” I wanted to punch him in the face. First of all, a memoir consist of a short period in your life. Dumb ass was thinking of a biography. Secondly, we were not asking his opinion on a memoir, we were asking his thoughts on a Prologue. Huge difference. I told Christin “Handle it or I will go off on him.” I am not very patient that way. I know his comment is going to be one of hundreds of negative feedback Christin and I will receive. I know not everyone will enjoy the book. Hell, I even have a family member who refuses to read the blog, so I get it. I just need to learn how to better prepare myself. Otherwise I will be finished before I even get started.

Everyone has heard by now that Chester Bennington, the front man for Linkin Park, committed suicide this week. A loss that hit many pretty hard. It just goes to show that depression along with mental illness, does not discriminate. I have read comments on social media that just make me sick. “With all the money he had how could he not be happy?” Yeah, it does not work that way.

Linkin Park’s album “Hybrid Theory” is  a huge centerpiece in our book Vodka Calling:Apt. B-303. “Hybrid Theory” was there for us each and every step of the way. That’s the beauty of music, always there for you. Rest in Love Chester, you will be missed, but never forgotten.

A couple of nights ago Vinnie (my 16 yr old) and I had a little disagreement. By “disagreement” I mean I was right, he was wrong. I will give you the cliff note version. In the end, you will be on my side anyway.

Vinnie wanted to go hang out at a friend’s house around 8.pm. Not a problem. I gave him bus money, which is typical for the teenagers around here. Obviously, the plan was for him to take the bus home as well.

Hours later, it was time for him to come home. Two hours later he was still on the bus. He was lying to me. I know he was lying to me because 1. I am not an idiot, and 2. The busses were already shut down for the night. Over text message, arguing back and forth I tell him “Send me a picture of you on the bus.”

This is what he sends me.


Yeah. My son thinks I am an idiot.

When he finally made it home, I went off. Remember, I am not very patient, especially when it comes to stupidity. Basically, what happened is he missed the bus, ended up walking home, and did not want to tell me he had to walk home.

I know what you are thinking, so many things wrong. First and foremost, I told him no matter what, you always call. Call and someone will come get you. He was seriously walking the streets at 2am, while telling me he was on the bus. Put aside the lying, there is a safety issue. Vinnie has this really cool hair, (and bear with me because I know I sound crazy) but if you were to see him from a distance, you may think he was of mixed race. Many people have asked me that before. I do not want him walking the streets at night, come up on some police officer who shoots first and asks questions later. We have all seen the news. We know what’s going on.

I am also disappointed in Vinnie that he really expected me to believe he was on the bus. I thought he was more creative than that.

We dealt with it. Number one rule, if you are in trouble, you call no matter what. Number two rule, no lying.

“Vinnie, I have been there and done that. All the lies you are going to try to pull on me, I invented them. I am the best of the best and if you do not believe me, ask your grandparents.”

Hopefully the message will get through.


How about you guys, how was your week?

Stay tune for updates regarding Vodka Calling:B-303

In a few short weeks, we will be doing limited giveaways!

I know you will be waiting with bated breath,

or Vodka.


~ Jennifer


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