Adventures of Apt. B-303 “Life is Good”


Scotty was different than anybody I had ever dated. He was white and had tattoos. I had never dated a white guy, so that was something new. He was a little rough around the edges and exuded confidence. He had a charismatic way about him and could walk into any place and strike up a conversation with anyone. Initially, I think that’s what attracted me to him. He was a bad boy but not too bad, but just bad enough.

Our second date, he picked me up in his Audi and took me out to dinner. After we were done eating, he decided to take me to this gravel parking lot where he proceeded to drive insanely crazy, doing donuts with rocks flying everywhere. As ridiculous as it sounds, it was fun but I sensed the possibility of danger. And that was even more exciting.

One day I pulled into our car port. His car was parked in the next parking spot. I got excited because I thought he was there to see me. I ran up the 3 flights of steps and opened the door, expecting him to be there. He wasn’t. So, I decided to give him a call. “Hey, I saw your car in the carport…” Scotty replied “Oh I am babysitting for a friend of mine.” Well ok then. I didn’t know he had a friend that lived in the same apartment building. So I believed him. I didn’t have a reason not to.

The weekends consisted of Jen and I with Scotty and T, sometimes Alphonso chose not to go. He felt like a 3rd wheel, I could understand why. Jen and T were connected at the hip. Scotty and I were getting to know each other and could be found playing pool or deep in conversation. He was easy to talk to and we had a lot to talk about. He had two young daughters that he was estranged from due to his ex-wife. I could tell that this was a painful subject for him and didn’t ask a lot of questions.

There was one night Scotty, Jen and I decided to go out. T had to work until later that night so it was just the three of us. That night it was pouring down monsoon rain. Scotty took us to this little joint down in Redondo, neither Jen or I had ever been. He taught us how to play darts without the dart ending up on the ceiling or in the back of somebody’s head. Scotty and Jen got along really well which made me happy. But that was Scotty, he got along with everyone. We left because we had to pick up T from work. But before that we stopped at the ATM so I could run in and get some cash. We picked up T and headed back to the apartment. We all stayed up until 4am playing cards, drinking and talking. That was how we spent our weekends for the most part.

It was good.

While it lasted.

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