Adventures of Apt. B-303 Resolution?


Then there were just the three of us.

Jen and I were standing face to face with Alphonso in the middle. Jen and I were both a mess. We looked at each other and I honestly didn’t know what was going to happen next, but I was ready for anything. If she was gonna come at me, I would be ready.
But that didn’t happen.
I think after a few moments passed, we realized how ludicrous it was to be fighting over Pat. Some guy that I didn’t even like more than just a friend. I didn’t have feelings for him nor did I want him. The person I wanted was 1,000 miles away and after many months, it was clear he didn’t want me anymore. So in that moment something became very obvious to me.
I was fighting myself. Not Jen, not Pat, just my insecurities and my broken heart.
Alphonso went to the kitchen to whip up some of our favorite cocktails. Jen and I sat down on separate couches. We were suddenly clear-headed and somewhat sober. I needed to get some answers.
“So what is going on with you and Pat?” I asked. She looked at me with defeat in her eyes. She shook her head, saying nothing. I began to tell her the whole story of what had transpired that evening with Pat and I. Alphonso brought me a fruity drink and Jen her rum and coke. We all just sat there sipping our drinks and looking at each other, while I filled them in on the events. After, I finished my rendition of “Christin and Pat’s night gone wild”, we all just looked at each other. Alphonso even looked defeated. Was I missing something?
It was Jen’s turn. She began with “It started out with flirting and then…” I understood how she could’ve gotten sucked into Pat’s web. After seeing what he was capable of, his true self began to emerge.
Nothing more had to be said. I understood her and she understood me. It was merely a case of 2 young ladies wanting nothing more than attention and affection at a desperate time in their lives. We were able to smooth things out, but the next few months would bring unforeseen changes to Apartment B303.

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