No matter the outcome, it will be my fault.

My 14-year-old son is driving me crazy. Completely out of my mind pour me a drink even though it is only 5 o’clock crazy!

He made, what I consider to be an impulsive decision, and he pretty much refuses to listen to my line if reasoning. I am very torn on how to handle this.

I can either trust him, give him his wings, and trust that he knows what he is doing.

Or…..and my personal favorite,

I can explain to him that he needs to trust me on this one, even though he thinks I am old and have no clue to what I am talking about.

My son is getting ready to enter his freshman year of high school. He does not want to go to his “home” school. That would be too easy.

He wants to go to another school across town that has the better football team. Yes, a better football team.

I mean is this a thing now, or just with my kid?

My husband and I discussed this for hours on end and came to the conclusion that if this is what he really wants to do, we will make it happen. By “make it happen” I mean take him to and from school.

I will spare you all the gory details but basically what we are looking at, is either my husband or I will have to drive our son to and from school. A school that is under construction. A school that will not be finished being under construction until the year after my son graduates.

Basically he will be spending his entire high school career in a portable.

But hey, this school has a great football team.

His “home school” is within walking distance from our house, but apparently, in my sons words “has a crappy football team.”

Fine. Okay, his passion is football, we will make it happen.

HOWEVER…..a few things to consider.

  1. In either school, he has to try out. He will either make the team or not.
  2. What if he tries out at the school that has the better team and does not make it, because, you know, they are a better team and have really good players?
  3. But….what if he tries out at the school that has a “crappy” team and totally shines because he is a good player. At least a better player than may be currently on the team.

As a mother, I just do not feel he is thinking this all the way through. I do feel he is being impulsive. I feel he is looking at the destination, and not the journey.

And, to be selfish, I am cringing at the fact how much gas it is going to take me to get him to his new school and back  every-single-day.

More importantly, I do not want him to regret his decision. Even though I know regrets are a part of life.

I just hope what I think is an impulsive decision wont come back to bite him.

But…who am I kidding, either way I will somehow get blamed.

This post was inspired by Mamma Kat’s Writing Prompts…go check her out.

9 thoughts on “No matter the outcome, it will be my fault.

  1. That’s really a tough decision to make. If it is possible to try out for both teams and see which one selects him then decide? I think that will help solve the dilemma.

  2. Perhaps you could strike a deal with him. Let him go to the school with a better team and, if he makes the team, that’s great. If he doesn’t make the team, that leaves no good reason for him to be there so he will transfer to the closer school. This way he won’t feel like he’s missed an opportunity and, if it doesn’t work out, you won’t be stuck ferrying him back and forth every day.

  3. You’re right–making it on the “good team” is a unknown factor. I’m slightly surprised that there isn’t more paperwork involved in going to a school on the other side of town. I thought public schools were fairly picky about district boundaries and so on.

    1. I am in a suburb of Seattle…….the way they do it here, as long as the classes are not filled up, any student can “choice” into their school. So…when I decided to “choice” my son into the new school they were all like “Oh yes, we have plenty of openings” Which should have been a red flag. 😉

  4. That’s so tough! I like the idea of letting him try out and let him stay there if he makes the team and decides he likes the school well enough!

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