I still have "It"

I have a story to share where I come out looking so good (like literally) and if you know anything about my blog, you know that does not happen often, so I am going to take complete advantage of that.

Quick back story. My twenty year old son (AJ) works with my husband Joe) in a large retail store. My husband is actually my sons boss. (Oh yeah, this will be good!)

Also, important to note. This story was told to me by both my husband and son. (In other words, not my delusional illusions)

Yesterday, after school, I took my daughters to the neighborhood park. I was so bored. I mean I know the girls enjoyed it, I tried to make the best of it. I had my book, I had my notebook, I had my phone. It was impossible to get anything done. “Mom, watch me, watch me mom, did you see, oh my god you did not see, see, you do not care about me, I wish dad was here.”

So, I decided to do what any normal mother would do and text my 20 yr old son (who lives right by the park.)

Me~ Are you off work yet?

Son~ On my way home, why?

Me~ Come to the park, I am bored.

Of course, like any good son, he came to the park. One of his co workers (Marissa) dropped him off. As he was walking over towards me, he is laughing.

Me~ Why are you laughing?

Son~ For one, it is 70 degrees and you are wearing jeans, boots, and a sweatshirt, and secondly, Marissa says you’re really pretty.

Me~ Well it was cold when I left this morning, I have been too busy to change. Who is Marisa, I like her.

Son~ The one who dropped me off. Do not let it go to your head.

Now, I assumed my son was just telling me that Marissa said I was pretty to make me feel good. You know how it is, life gets in the way and sometimes you just do not feel pretty, you feel worn out, tired, stressed, there is never enough time in the day. I felt this was my sons way of making me feel good, and I appreciated it.

Fast forward to Tuesday evening.

My husband gets home from work. He comes in laughing. I am already moody because he is like two hours late, I am tired, and quite frankly not in the mood for any of his work stories.

Except for this one.

So, according to my husband, this is what happened.

Today at work, husband, son, Marissa, and a new associate were all on break. Marissa is telling my son “Yeah dude, your mom is really pretty.”

All of a sudden this new associate pops up with “What, your mom is pretty, hook me up, I want to meet her, does she go for younger guys”

My husband and son both have this look on their face, you know the look, like if this guy keeps talking he will get knocked out.

Marissa (being the voice of reason) “Ummm, you do know that Aj’s mom is Joes wife?”


Complete silence,

* 3 min later

“I am sorry boss, I met no disrespect, I had no idea his mom was your wife”

and there ya go! Apparently, I still have “it.”

As silly as it sounds, it made me feel good. The days are so long, the kids, god love them, drive me crazy. It’s nice to know that some people still think I am pretty.

Which is the perfect Segway to my new post……..come back tomorrow to check out my 100 day challenge.

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