So, Christin is mad…..again.

Christin: I know it’s been a minute since I have done any writing. Correction…writing for the blog. Let me recap the last 9 months.





I barely have time to do what I need to do. But after 4 years of college, I am done. Well, not done yet, I have another year to go, but done for now. Hello summer! After a particularly hard week of finals and finishing up projects at work, I was all too happy to see Friday come.

“Jen, I’m done! Finally!”

“Thank-God, now you can write more blogs!”

Is that all she thinks about? I won’t answer that.

It was Friday night, I was devouring a chocolate bar and she was (I suspect) doing the same to a glass of coke and vodka.

“So, I had a weird dream last night.”

“What? Is it that same one where you dye your hair and the next day it all falls out?”

“Umm no. It was about “Sid”.

I have changed the name to protect the innocent.

“Sid? I haven’t heard about him in a long time. Tell me about your dream”

I won’t go into the boring details of the dream with Sid but I will say we were in the kitchen cooking together, which was weird for three reasons:

1.       I don’t know how to cook.

2.       I have been banned from my own kitchen because of a recent incident involving oil and fire.

3.       I haven’t dated or seen Sid in 18 years.

That is all I am going to say about that.

The conversation ended with Jen having to do her nightly facial routine and with me Netflixing and Chocolating.

I had forgotten about the conversation by this morning.

Apparently, Jen had not.

I get a call this morning from Jen, which is somewhat unusual because I know Jen sleeps in on the weekends and I am not usually functional until after 10 AM.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“I am trying to figure out how to use my new coffee maker.”

“Oh God, did you read the directions? Maybe let Joe or Vinnie, or Gracie put that thing together. You know how you are with assembling things…”

“No, I can figure this out. Trust me. So, I need to tell you something.”

Oh God. What did she do now?

Instantly, I am taken back to about 10 years ago where she did the unthinkable.

“Christin, I have to tell you something.”


“I set up an online dating profile for you…two days ago.”

“Two days ago? You did what???”

“I don’t even remember doing it (enter vodka) and a few days later I checked my email. I saw the email from the dating profile I set-up for you. Don’t be mad.”

I eventually got over the shock of having an online dating profile set-up WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. I even left it up in hopes of maybe, finding a date. Didn’t happen.

Fast forward 10 years later, here we are again.

“I friend requested Sid on Facebook!” Jen said with a little too much enthusiasm.


“Well I thought maybe since you had a dream about him, it was a sign that maybe you guys should reconnect. You know, see what he has been up to.”

I thought about hatching a revenge plan. Maybe dig up some of her old boyfriends. Friend request them and see what she says.

Right now, I am contemplating a new best friend and staging an intervention for Jen.

Jesus take the wheel and the vodka.

Jen: Okay, now let me tell you what really happened!

1. My coffeemaker was a defective piece of crap. It had nothing to do with me. I switched it out with the best coffeemaker ever!

2. Old boyfriends? What old boyfriends?? It’s cute and a little complimentary how Christin thinks I have old boyfriends out there that she can stalk on Facebook. It’s like she does not know me.

3. The online dating profile, fine, I will give her that one. Totally vodka induced. Although in my defense this was many many years ago and Christin was working her way through Seattle’s best losers!

4. I friend requested Sid while I was on the phone with Christin and no vodka in hand. She just did not know it.

Sid. I feel like I know the guy. I feel like if I happened to find myself in California, and saw him in the local coffee shop, I would be like “Sid! What’s up, how have you been?!”

Sid would not reciprocate because he does not know me.

Let me put it in perspective for you. I have known Christin for seventeen years. We have a seventeen-year friendship and Sid has been there every second of it.

Sid and Christin have this history. Although not high school sweethearts, very close to being so. They go that far back. A history that I cannot relate to. I met Joe in my late 20’s, we created our history together. The only other person from my past who would come close to Sid and Christin’s history would be Ralph Macchio, but being that this was a one-sided relationship, we cannot exactly count that.

Christin and Sid, at one time, were each other’s “person.” They had intended on a life together, until, well life happened. There was no cheating, there was no argument, it was just life, life got in the way and they went their own separate ways.

Christin and I have spent many conversations talking about Sid. I know all about the letters, the ring, the box. I know the stories. I know how Sid always called Christin his Queen, and although life took them in different directions, Sid has never left Christin’s memories.

Christin and I have spent much time trying to look Sid up on Facebook. She just wanted to know that Sid is happy, much in the same way I wanted to know Sebastian Bach was okay when he got kicked out of the 80’s hairband group Skid Row. There is a puzzle piece to Sid and Christin, one last puzzle piece that has gotten lost in life.

Christin needs to find this puzzle piece.

As many of you know, Christin and I are pretty bad-ass when it comes to detective work. We are social media pro’s.

We found Sid on Facebook. A bit disappointing because his page is locked down like Fort Knox. Christin was never really able to find out if life had been good to him or not. Was he happy? Did he ever think about Christin? I am telling you guys, Sid and Christin’s story is a mix between a Lifetime/Hallmark movie.

The other night, Christin and I are on the phone. We are talking about Sid and of lost memories. While on the phone with Christin, I looked him up on my own personal page. It’s important to note, there was no vodka.

Now, I need you guys to picture this. I am at my desk, I have my desktop open while talking to Christin. I decided to throw caution to the wind and friend request Sid. He would either accept my friend request or not. I would then decide on if I would tell Christin or not.

Well, Sid accepted my friend request. He may have remembered me from “back in the day” when Sid, Christin and I had a not so good Facebook exchange, or he may not. Either way, he accepted my friend request. I felt a very small victory. We were in. We now had access to Sid’s pictures, Facebook post, and answers. I did not force him to accept my request. He did all on his own. No harm no foul.

Christin and I called it a night, and I decided to just sit on this information for awhile.

In the morning, I could not wait to tell Christin. I honest to God thought she would be happy. I was expecting “You’re in? Damn, we are good!”

Christin did not give me the reaction I was expecting.

After many many many conversations, I still do not quite understand why Christin is not happy. I mean with me being a Facebook friend of Sid’s, that means no more detective work. Everything is right there! In a way, a very unusual way, I found myself rooting for Christin and Sid.

As I am scrolling through his page, I just get a vibe, a good vibe, like okay, this is a good guy. He made some mistakes, he openly asks for help and guidance, and well, I now find myself rooting for him.

HOWEVER, Chrsitin did not see it the same. So, I did what any good friend would do, and deleted him.

Now we are back to square one.

I know, one day, Christin will have her answers,

and just between you and I have a feeling she will be happy with them all.


One thought on “So, Christin is mad…..again.

  1. Lol I think we all find ourselves thinking of what might have happened if… I’ve been happily married for 14 years to my high school sweetheart and we live in a very small town. There are a few guys still around that I still feel giddy when I see them. It’s so strange yet makes me feel so young!!

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