The Role

I see it now.
It took some time, some confusion.
Slowly, it all came together
I fill a void.

One of many you have you have designated to unsuspecting people.
Each one of us is there to fill something.
If you could have us all in one person, you probably would.
However, we all know that is not how this works.

The one with the stimulating conversation,
The one who is like you
The one who is not

The fun one
The pretty one
The “I feel sorry for you” one

I see them all because my blinders are off.
I see them better from a distance
And behind the last, there is me.

The unsafe one.
The one who makes you think
The one who may make you question everything you have already known

How far can the boundaries be pushed?
How safe can it be before it is not safe anymore?
Sometimes, you do not want to care about safety.

Sometimes, I feel the same.

I can see my role
Because we are one in the same
and I have already given you a role too.



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