I had a dream of you again last night. We were sitting in a little restaurant, sitting side by side, talking about nothing and everything at once. I could smell your sweet, musky scent and feel your skin when your arm brushed against mine. You were there and so was I. It was real, not an illusion. Your mere presence gave me something I hadn’t felt in a while. It was that same feeling I had felt before you were gone. Gone so fast, I didn’t know what, how or when to feel what I did. For just a moment you were back from the dead, so to speak. Back from the corners of my mind and my soul. You were there and so was I. I awoke with hope that you were still next to me in that little restaurant. The hope that I could still smell you, feel you. You were gone. Back to the dead and back to the memory that I keep locked up. I look forward to the next time you find your way back to my dreams but until then I will keep you safely tucked inside the pages of my notebook, when you were there and so was I.



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