Last night I was soooooooo annoyed with my husband, really really annoyed, and in “pure Jen form” I posted a facebook status about how annoyed I was.

Annoyed once again, whats a girl to do, well blog about it of course! (and I am not holding back)

See, I told you.

So I head to the trusty old computer and start typing away, making sure to pound as loud as I could on the keys. I had a nice long post in the making, it was good….or so I thought.

Come to find out that writing a blog post while mad at the husband and a little too much wine in me was not a good thing, well, to me it was a good thing, but no one else would think it would make much sense, because when I am mad, I ramble, much like I am doing now, but I am not mad at anything, go figure.

I decided to post pone the post for a later date (because I know like all good husbands do, he will annoy me once again). I believe my husband finally picked up on how annoyed I was, you know,with the loud typing and perhaps mild cussing going on.

Today, I had some free time. I decided to check out some new blogs, I wanted to read about other wives/mothers who were annoyed with their husbands.

I could not find one single blog that wanted to enlighten me with some husband bashing.


Every single blog I read dealt with “I love my husband so much, he is the best husband ever”. I figured, oh they must be newly weds, right?


and then there was the “I have the best kids ever, they are so well behaved, sleep through the night” etc etc etc.

Yeah, and I am Marry Poppins.

So something must be seriously wrong with me, either

1. I am the worst wife/mother ever.


2. Some people out there are afraid to talk about the not so good things about being a wife/mother.

and that is when I had my light bulb moment, that is when it hit me, that is when I knew what I want this blog to be about. As much as I love my husband and kids, it is hard, very hard at times. Yeah yeah the good outweighs the bad, but it is still hard people and I want to talk about it, I need to talk about it, I need to hear from other wives about feelings of inadequacy, I need to hear from other moms on needing some peace and quiet. I want to hear it all.

So there you have it, my new vision for this very new blog. I should probably update my “About Me” section now, but first, let me tell you about the husband.

Last night, the husband comes home from work, his brother (who has been living with us for 15 months, 3 weeks, 2 days, 28 minutes and 32 seconds, more on that later) picked him up from work, they had brought food home. I was sitting on the sofa, playing with my phone.

The Husband comes over to me, reaches down like he is actually going to hug me, but instead of grabbing me he GRABS THE REMOTE!

What?!?!?! I honestly thought he was going to give me a hug, nope, the freakin remote gets more attention than I do.

and as if that was not enough, I then head into the kitchen to pour some much needed wine. As soon as I get off the sofa he says “Hey, do you mind if I play the xbox?”

Well, that did it. I was annoyed and there was no going back. I had “thought” we would spend the evening watching some dumb show together, but he decided to get on the blasted xbox.

Of course in hindsight I should have told him “Umm, yes, actually I do mind if you play the game,I want to spend time with you”

but really? How come he does not see that for himself, why must I explain every little thing to him?

I love him, I really do, but marriage is not a fairytale, you have good days and bad days, and you get through them together….and with vodka.

So there you have it.

Now from you dear readers (reader), here is what I would like to ask, if you have posted a post where your husband/significant other has annoyed you, send me the link. I want to read it, and in the future if something happens in your day to day life, where you just need a place to vent, then you know where to come, Cafe Jen.


3 thoughts on “Annoyed

  1. @purseblogger YES!!!!!! I would think there was something wrong w/ the marriage if no one ever argued…but what do I know, I have been divorced. I just wish more people talked about it…cause I am nosey like that.

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